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Improve School Transport Management with Precision and Safety

Transform the enrollment and registration processes in your educational institution. Designed to simplify complex admissions tasks, reduce errors and boost efficiency in your enrollment processes.


Key Features

Transport Management Feature
Customizable Bus Routes
  • Create, modify, and manage bus routes according to school requirements.

  • Easily update routes based on changes in student distribution, ensuring flexibility in the transport management system.

Transport Management Feature
Student and Staff Allocation
  • Simplify the assignment process by allowing admins to allocate multiple students and staff to stops simultaneously.

  • Provide flexibility for administrators to make on-the-fly adjustments to stop assignments based on changing circumstances.

Transport Management Feature
Comprehensive Bus Details
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of bus details, including capacity, model, and maintenance records.

  • Allows administrators to update bus information in real-time, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the transport management system.

Transport Management Feature
Driver and Staff Assignments
  • Maintain a database of driver information, certifications, and schedules for efficient staff management.

  • Allow admins to dynamically assign drivers and support staff to buses based on schedules, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


Ready to Transform Your School?

Unlock a new era of efficiency and collaboration with our cutting-edge School Management Software. Elevate your school's potential.

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