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Effortlessly Generate and Customize Documents with Our Module

Create professional-looking documents effortlessly, customize them to fit your needs, and generate them with just a few clicks.

Document Generator

Some Key Features

Document Generator
Document Generator Point 1
Highly Customizable Templates
  • Personalize pre-existing templates, adjusting layouts, fonts, and colors to align with your document requirements.

  • Build entirely new templates from scratch, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse document needs.

Document Generator Point 2
Document Templates Library
  • Pre-designed templates for various school documents, offering users a starting point for quick customization.

  • Provide transparency to applicants and streamline administrative workflows.

Document Generator Point 3
Export to PDF
  • Generate polished and professional-looking documents by exporting them in PDF format.

  • Facilitate seamless sharing and printing of documents by providing them in universally accepted PDF files, enhancing accessibility.

Document Generator Point 4
Document Generation History
  • Archive all documents related to students, such as transcripts, report cards, and attendance records, in a dedicated log.

  • Maintain a separate log specifically for documents related to staff members

Student Documents

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