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Effortlessly Manage Attendance for Staff and Students

Easily track staff and student attendance, ensuring accurate records and promoting a culture of accountability and success.


Some Key Features

Staff Attendance with QR code or Facial Recognition
Attendance Feature
Real-time Attendance Monitoring
  • Enables admins to quickly identify attendance patterns and address issues promptly.

  • Facilitates better classroom management by allowing teachers to track student attendance in real-time.

Attendance Feature
Late Arrival Tracking
  • Records and tracks instances of staff and students arriving late to school.

  • Helps identify patterns of tardiness and implement appropriate interventions.

Attendance Feature
Mobile Attendance Tracking
  • Allows teachers to take attendance using a mobile device, making it continent and efficient.

  • Provides flexibility for teachers to take attendance from anywhere within the school premises.

Attendance Feature
Absence Notifications
  • Sends automatic notifications to parents/guardians when their child is absent from school.

  • Provides real-time updates, ensuring parents are informed about their child's attendance.

Student Attendance

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