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Empower Your Staff with Customized Access Control

Easily assign different roles to admins, teachers, and staff members, ensuring secure access and streamlined workflows.


Key Features

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User Roles
  • Assign specific roles to streamline responsibilities and improve task management.

  • Ensure that each user has the appropriate access and permissions within the system.

Right Arrow AulaCube Custom Roles & Permissions
Customizable Permissions
  • Tailor permissions for each role to control access to sensitive data and features.

  • Maintain privacy and security by granting specific permissions based on user responsibilities.

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Access Control
  • Control who can view, edit, or delete sensitive information to maintain data integrity

  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations by managing access to confidential data.


Ready to Transform Your School?

Unlock a new era of efficiency and collaboration with our cutting-edge School Management Software. Elevate your school's potential.

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