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We are proud to partner with organizations that share our vision and dedication to innovation in education.

Our Partners


Partnership with StartX not only validates AulaCube’s potential but also aligns perfectly with your strategic goals of enhancing school efficiency and engagement.

StartX is a non-profit startup accelerator associated with Stanford University that supports entrepreneurs from the Stanford community, including students, alumni, and faculty. Some notable StartX alums include DoorDash (pre accelerator program), Bolt, Branch, OpenSea and Heap Analytics.

Stanford StartX
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At Aulacube, we're dedicated to revolutionizing early childhood education by bridging the gap between home and school. Our partnership with the Early Childhood Association (ECA) | Association for Primary Education and Research is a testament to our shared commitment to empowering schools, engaging parents, and fostering student success.

By leveraging innovative technology solutions, we're amplifying communication between educators and families, enriching the learning experience for every child. Together, we're driving positive change, breaking down barriers, and shaping the future of education. 

Other Partners

Microsoft for Startups
Startup India
Super Morpheus
Razorpay Rize

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