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  • How does AulaCube facilitate effective communication between parents and schools?
    AulaCube enhances parent-school communication through its dedicated application, Aula Nest, which features an engaging, social media-like interface that is intuitive for both school administrators and parents. The app serves as a central hub for schools to post homework assignments, announcements, and photos from significant events. Additionally, Aula Nest streamlines communication by automatically sending notifications to parents about their child's attendance as well as timely reminders for upcoming and overdue fee payments.
  • Will parents be overwhelmed by too much information on the Aula Nest feed?
    AulaCube ensures a streamlined communication flow within Aula Nest to prevent information overload for parents. School staff have the flexibility to post updates to the entire school, specific classes or sections, various groups such as clubs, or even tailor information for individual students. This targeted approach means that all information a parent receives is personalized and relevant, carefully curated by the school to ensure it's pertinent to them.
  • Can parents post updates to the Aula Nest feed?
    To maintain clarity and focus within the Aula Nest feed, posting rights are reserved exclusively for school staff, such as teachers and management. This policy is in place to prevent the feed from becoming overcrowded with non-essential information. However, AulaCube provides a dedicated concern management feature for parents to raise any issues or questions they may have. These concerns are sent directly to the school rather than being posted on the feed, ensuring a direct line of communication. Parents are also notified when their concerns have been addressed, keeping them informed of the resolution process. For more details on how this feature works, please visit our Concern Management page.
  • Are there alternative communication methods available besides Aula Nest?
    While AulaCube strongly encourages the use of Aula Nest for streamlined communication, recognizing the need for flexibility in key communications, it also offers an SMS communication module. This module allows schools to send bulk SMS messages to all or selected parents using pre-defined templates that are DLT-approved, ensuring vital information reaches parents even outside the Aula Nest app.
  • What is AulaCube?
    AulaCube is an innovative platform designed to redefine school efficiency and parent-school engagement. Our product offers a comprehensive solution to streamline administrative tasks, foster immersive user experiences, and leverage AI-powered insights for personalized learning and better decision-making in schools.
  • What does AulaCube mean?
    "AulaCube" combines two powerful concepts that are central to the company's mission. "Aula," a word derived from Latin, refers to a classroom, auditorium, or lecture hall—a place of learning and education. "Cube" represents the three-dimensional approach AulaCube takes towards student success, encompassing the crucial pillars of School, Parents, and now Technology. Together, AulaCube signifies a space where education is enhanced and redefined through a multifaceted and integrated approach, leveraging technology to connect learning environments, engage parents, and empower schools.
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