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Elevate School Engagement with Our Dynamic Communication Module!

From instant announcements to personalized updates, it bridges the gap between administrators, teachers, students, and parents effortlessly.

SMS Text Message module

Some Key Features

SMS Text Message module
SMS Text Message module
Bulk SMS Messaging
  • Enables administrators to send important information, announcements, or updates to multiple recipients simultaneously.

  • Streamlines communication by reaching a large audience with a single click, saving time and ensuring widespread dissemination of information.

SMS Text Message module
Event Reminders
  • Send SMS reminders about upcoming school events, parent-teacher meetings, or important dates.

  • Encourage parent and student participation by keeping them informed and engaged in school activities.

SMS Text Message module
Message History
  • Maintain an organized archive of all sent SMS messages for reference and auditing purposes.

  • Streamline the process of retrieving past messages, ensuring administrators can access relevant communication data swiftly.

SMS Text Message module
Customizable Templates
  • Allows users to create and customize SMS templates tailored to their communication needs.

  • Ensure a consistent and professional tone by providing predefined templates for common messages.

SMS Text Message Module: Message History
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