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At AulaCube, we're passionate about AI's transformative impact on education. By integrating AI into parent-teacher engagement and school management software, we enhance communication, streamline administration, and empower educators, parents, and students alike.

Our Offerings

Aula Genie
Aula Genie

Your Personal Chatbot

  • A personalised assistant for students and parents, providing tailored answers to their queries.

  • Unlike generic chatbots, Aula Genie ensures age-appropriate responses and filters out inappropriate content.

  • Our vision for Aula Genie extends beyond text. Aula Genie will support video and audio explanations, making learning even more engaging and accessible.

Translate with AI
Translate with AI

Breaking Language Barriers

Language should never be a barrier to communication.

  • Translate with AI enables parents to effortlessly translate posts shared by teachers into their preferred language, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

  • Set your language preference and quickly translate posts made by teacher.

Rewrite with AI
Rewrite with AI

Your Writing Companion

With Rewrite, crafting messages becomes effortless for teachers and administrators.

  • Whether it's a formal announcement or a casual update, ust write a prompt and seamlessly transforms ideas into polished messages, catering to diverse tones and styles.

Analytics Copilot
Analytics Copilot

Your Data Assistant

Say goodbye to data overload with Analytics Co-Pilot.

  • Acts as an assistant to school administration, by offering quick summaries and comprehensive reports on various school metrics.

  • From student performance to staff management, Analytics Co-Pilot simplifies decision-making and empowers educators with actionable insights.

Our AI offerings prioritise

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Safety First

Parents have peace of mind knowing that their children's interactions with AI are monitored, ensuring access to appropriate information.

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Efficiency for Educators

Teachers and administrators benefit from streamlined tasks and efficient analytics, enabling them to focus on student success.

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Continuous Innovation

Our commitment to innovation means that our AI features will continue to evolve, with exciting developments on the horizon.


Ready to Transform Your School?

Unlock a new era of efficiency and collaboration with our cutting-edge School Management Software. Elevate your school's potential.


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